today 12 Dec 2018

Foods That Increase Potency

Unbalanced nutrition can cause severe sexual disorders. Most men eat semi-finished products, fast-foods and so on. Malnutrition causes a malfunction in the digestive system, contributes to the formation of harmful cholesterol, disrupts metabolism. As a result, there are problems with the cardiovascular system, which inevitably affect sexual function. A man gains weight, which prevents the normal functioning of the body, weakens erection and reduces potency.

Nutrition plays a huge role in men’s lives and has a direct impact on their sexual abilities. The first thing Canadian Pharmacy wants you to do to eliminate erectile dysfunction is to change your diet. Limit fatty, harmful foods and alcohol. Instead, eat more foods for male potency. So-called “aphrodisiacs” that increase potency are available to everyone, but many men do not know about the medicinal properties of a large list of products.

Natural Way of Erection Improvement

Foods for erection, or how to improve potency naturally

What foods increase potency and testosterone? Foods for erection is not something special and rare, these are usual foods that you can buy in any supermarket. Aphrodisiacs for erectile dysfunction include:

  • low-fat red meat;
  • fish;
  • fermented milk products;
  • eggs;
  • nuts;
  • seafood;
  • bee honey;
  • vegetables;
  • fruit;
  • spicy greens.

Many men like these products for erection and some do not eat half the list. To restore the sexual function, you should include most of the listed ingredients into your high potency diet.

Men’s Menu

Canadian Pharmacy would like to review in detail what foods should be included in the daily men’s menu. When choosing meat, give your preference to lean varieties. The most useful fish is flounder, mackerel, salmon. Products rich in protein significantly improve the quality of sperm and favorably affect potency – kefir, fermented baked milk, cottage cheese, sour cream, cream. Eggs are easily digested and contain important microelements. They contain vitamins A, B6, E. We recommend eating eggs daily and preferably in raw or cooked form.

Kinds of seafood normalize the functioning of the reproductive system. Mussels, shrimps, squid, sea kale, oysters – these aphrodisiacs not only increase libido and improve erection, but are contain many unsaturated acids that improve potency.

To saturate the body with vitamins and vegetable protein, you need to eat up to 100 grams of nuts every day: cedar, hazelnut, pistachios, cashews, peanuts. Species has incredible healing properties. Nuts in combination with honey are considered the best remedy for weak potency. Pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds are also useful, as they contain vegetable oils and vitamins.

As already mentioned, honey with nuts helps to restore sexual power. In addition, the bee product strengthens an erection. Therefore, men should replace sugar and other sweets with honey. Do not give up chocolate, since cocoa is an aphrodisiac too and positively affects the reproductive system. Here we mean high-quality black chocolate.

Erectile dysfunction natural remedies can also grow in your garden. Juicy carrots, beets, radishes strengthen immunity and contribute to the proper functioning of the gonads. Cabbage, lettuce leaves and spicy greens can also be included in the list of “medicines from the garden.” Parsley, celery, figs, mint, coriander, basil, anise are also very useful for men. They will add a refined taste to the dish and help to maintain health for a long time. Do not forget about onions and garlic. Despite the bad breath, these products for erection should be consumed every day. Do not forget about legumes, especially asparagus.

What foods can decrease your libido?

To restore potency, you need to know not only foods that improve libido. It is more important to know what foods can decrease your libido. So, what are the foods that cause erectile problems?

To prevent and eliminate erectile dysfunction, men should avoid the following foods:

  1. Sausage products. Soy, colorants, preservatives contained in this product are very harmful to the body and the reproductive system of a man;
  2. Potatoes. Use only in small amounts, as this vegetable contains a lot of starch;
  3. Fig. Harmful to male potency, because contains many carbohydrates;
  4. Pasta. Like many other flour products, pasta is not recommended for frequent use. White bread should be replaced with black bread;
  5. Coffee. A couple of cups a day will be useful, but frequent use will decrease your potency;
  6. Sparkling water;
  7. Energetic drinks.

Quite often, to restore potency, you just need to include foods for potency into your diet and limit harmful foods. Combined with erectile dysfunction pills from Canadian Pharmacy, a good diet will give you high spirits and excellent sexual health.